What Sets Us Apart

At Thomas Orthodontics, we respect the needs of our patients and their family, and take extra measures to ensure your office visits are comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with you, and we look forward to giving you a great new smile, improved self-confidence, and the benefits of an improved quality of life.

What sets Thomas Orthodontics apart?

Indirect Bonding

The newest in placement of your braces! Few other orthodontists provide this for their patients. Watch the procedure!

  • Reduced Treatment Times / Better Results! Our indirect bonding method offers a simpler, faster, and more accurate way to place the brackets during bonding appointments. This is a procedure in which we create an individually designed, custom braces setup for each patient. This is done in our in-office lab while you are at home relaxing, not in the chair waiting. This saves time and discomfort during the bonding appointment (bonding appointments now last about 30 to 45 minutes instead of the typical 60 to 90 minutes) and can speed up the finishing stages of treatment by eliminating unnecessary wire bends or bracket repositioning later on.
  • Other offices may use technology that will use outside companies to bend their wires, or have the custom braces set up for them, but will pass on the expensive fee to their patients for such services, evn though the doctor has not treated you. Our indirect bonding method allows us to keep the process in-house with no increase in fees, while at the same time keeping it completely in the hands of Dr. Thomas.

One-step Initial Appointment

Traditionally, most orthodontic offices will need three appointments (exam, records, and conference appointments) before they can even go over the treatment plan with the patient. We know this isn’t ideal for our patients, so to make it easier, we have combined all three appointments into one!

  • At your first complimentary appointment at Thomas Orthodontics, we will complete a thorough exam, take full records consisting of X-rays and photos, study your case, and present the findings, treatment plan, and fees … for free!
  • Also, the treatment plan and records are presented digitally over our large, high-definition screen in the consult room so you can fully comprehend and visualize your orthodontic issues, and see the solutions clearly.

Convenience and Fun!

  • As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Thomas has extensive knowledge and training in orthodontics so you can trust that you’re receiving the highest quality of care available.
  • Our team truly cares about our patients and will do everything possible to make each orthodontic experience one to remember. It is our goal to make each patient feel special and taken care of.
  • Receiving orthodontic treatment can be exciting, and we want you to feel involved with every aspect of your treatment plan. Feel free to choose your favorite colors for your braces at each visit — and be creative!
  • Through the use of digital technology, we are able to record models, X-rays, and charts, allowing us to be more eco-friendly and share information with general dentists much more easily.
  • We respect our patients’ time. Our practice takes special care to reduce the amount of time they spend waiting. We also provide access to appointment schedules, account information, and financial history to make the search for such important information easy for our patients.