Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys – see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

  • Sarah

    Treatment Time: 20 Months (estimated 24 Months)
    Moderate crowding with anterior deep bite

  • Alexandria

    Treatment time: 19 Months (estimated 24)
    Minor crowding, posterior crossbite right side, canine class II bad bite, moderately excessive overjet

  • Maya

    Treatment time: 18 Months (24 Months)
    Spacing between teeth, anterior open bite, slight under-bite

  • Brittany

    Treatment time: 12 Months (estimated 18 months)
    Spacing and gaps

  • Josh

    Treatment time: 22 Months
    Crowding, 4 Teeth Extracted

  • Kaitlyn

    Treatment time: 8 Months
    Anterior crossbite/underbite

  • Irene

    Treatment time: 20 Months
    Excessive overjet and overbite

  • Michael

    Treatment time: 24 Months
    Severe overbite and crowding

  • Brett

    Treatment time: 20 Months
    Skeletal anterior open bite, combined comprehensive orthodontic treatment and orthonathic surgery

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